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The story of Charleston truly comes alive when you see it for yourself. When you trace the steps of those who came before. When you hear the stories from those who have lived them. Use this directory to find a range of engaging tours and experiences, as well as cultural sites and noteworthy attractions to add to your itinerary.

First Timer's Guide

Soul of The City

A Five-Star Family Retreat

Island Hopping Adventure


This site is meant as an introduction to the African and African American experience in the Charleston,SC area. We want this website to continue growing with new stories and articles submitted by Charleston-area contributors. We are especially interested in sharing stories written by people who have a personal connection to the topic (descendant or family member, subject matter expert, eyewitness to events, etc.). If you are interested in contributing, please email [email protected] to learn more.

For complete information about visiting the Charleston area, please call 800-774-0006 or visit ExploreCharleston.com. We suggest that you contact one or more of the institutions mentioned on this site for any research-related inquiries.