Experience Black Charleston The Soul

of Charleston

Constantly evolving, Charleston is a living, breathing testament to the stories, landmarks, and lived experiences of the Black community. This rich tapestry and its full, unabridged history account for much of the area’s singular character. After all, the story of Charleston truly comes alive through its people—the ways they’ve shaped the city’s past and continue to inspire its future.

Today, Charleston’s Black community continues to transform our cultural landscape. Here, you’ll find countless ways to experience these vibrant and vital contributions, from the stage to the table to the steeples and beyond.


Adventures Await

Black-owned businesses and cultural landmarks populate every corner of the Charleston area. Use our interactive map to plot your itinerary.



We’re shining a spotlight on our city’s extraordinary range of Black-owned businesses. These shops, restaurants, and experiences are drivers of Charleston’s growth, vital to our character, and constant catalysts for social change.



Whether you follow these guides or use them as inspiration, our curated itineraries can help make the most of your visit. Immerse yourself in Charleston’s Black experience, from soul-stirring music and iconic cuisine to landmarks and cultural sites alive with history and heritage.

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